Dreams of greatness continue, 50 years on

July 19, 2022

kumpulan Jebco - world's leading manufacturer of OEM anti-vibration rubber products - accolades

Datuk Teh sharing the success stories of Kumpulan Jebco to FMT. From its initial struggles to becoming one of Malaysia’s leading manufacturers of anti-vibration rubber products today.

Here’s a snippet of his interview :

Kumpulan Jebco Sdn Bhd, had just opened its factory in Sungai Buloh to manufacture anti-vibration rubber mounting for engines and powertrains. For the layman, these are parts of the engine to prevent it from vibrating when in operation.

“It was difficult then. I spent several hours each day, over several days, just waiting outside the manager’s office to see him,” he told FMT Business.

In the five decades since it was established, Jebco has come a long way. Rather than being merely a manufacturer of rubber products, it is now a solutions provider.

“This means that we design products to meet specific needs of our customers.”

In fact, rubber moulding is no longer Jebco’s only mainstay. “We now have a polymer combination, which involves not just rubber but also liquids for some of the engine mounting.”

But he is not stopping there. “Rather than just supplying parts to our customers for them to assemble, we now want to manufacture the entire unit. That is my mission, if time permits me.”.

Source : FMT

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