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Rubber Compound Mixing

At Kumpulan Jebco, we have an in-house Banbury Internal Mixer that combines raw rubber materials with quality chemicals to create customized compound materials to match our clients’ needs. Before the molding process, each compound undergoes testing in our rheometer lab to ensure ideal flow and curing properties. Our labs also examine the compound’s hardness and tensile properties.

Our in-house rubber mixing capabilities enable us to offer our clients superior control over the consistency and quality of the material in their manufactured products. Our rubber mixing process is well-monitored, which guarantees top-quality products and consistent results. Trust us to deliver quality products with our exceptional rubber mixing process control and quality systems.

Rubber Moulding

Creating High-Quality Rubber and Rubber-to-Metal Products

Our experienced engineers use 3D CAD/CAM design and simulation to create moulds that best suit our production process. This enables our machines to produce rubber and rubber-to-metal products that meet your exact specifications.

We subject each product to thorough inspection and quality testing before delivery to ensure consistent quality. With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing diversified rubber moulded products, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality products.

Metal Treatment

Our rubber-to-metal manufacturing process includes treating the metal parts in-house to meet customer-specific quality, safety, and bonding requirements. Our in-house capabilities eliminate the need for a third party, providing cost savings and increased efficiency for our clients.

Achieving a secure bond between metal and rubber is essential for the longevity and durability of our products, especially in harsh environments such as the automotive, railway, and industrial sectors. We take this step seriously by paying due attention to the treatment process before the metal is bonded to rubber in the molding process.

This holistic approach ensures that our clients receive high-quality, dependable rubber-to-metal components that meet their specific needs. With over 40 years of experience in this field, we take pride in our ability to provide superior products to our customers.

Polyurethane (Closed Cell) Moulding

With the ability to better withstand impact, shock and vibration in automotive and industrial applications, the rise of demand for polyurethanes (“PU”) have led Kumpulan Jebco to develop its own innovation and manufacturing processes to work with this material. As a versatile elastomer, polyurethanes provide us with newer options to be manipulated in a number of innovative ways, allowing it to overcome the limitations of rubber based products.

Through our expertise in rubber molding and production, we have expanded our capabilities to include highly innovative processes involving polyurethanes. Our engineers and machines work closely with customers to design and develop custom products that utilize this material in a number of innovative ways, providing superior performance and durability in harsh environments.

Press Blow (Thermoplastic Elastomer)

We’ve upgraded our facilities and upskilled our engineers to work with thermoplastic elastomers (“TPE”), in line with our mission to continually increase customer value. TPE is lighter and recyclable, allowing for efficient and cost-effective production of components in under a minute. However, ensuring the quality of TPE products requires an accurate blow molding process, which is where we excel at with our technical expertise.

Our world-class facilities and automated processes enable us to produce high-quality TPE products quickly and precisely while maintaining consistent quality control. With our advanced machines and capabilities, we can deliver these highly demanded TPE products to our clients on time.


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