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Rubber Compound Mixing

Kumpulan Jebco is home to our own Banbury Internal Mixer that mixes raw rubber materials with various quality chemicals to produce the desired compound material that fits our customer’s specific requirements.
Each compound is then tested in our rheometer lab to determine the “flow” and curing properties of the compound before it is sent for moulding. Our in-house labs also test the compound produced in terms of hardness and tensile properties.

Having in-house rubber mixing capabilities means that you, as our customer, are promised superior control over the quality and consistency of the material in your manufactured products. As a company, we are confident in our ability to deliver quality products owing to our rubber mixing process control and quality systems.

Rubber Moulding

Our engineers design and develop the mould of the products that best suits our production process via 3D CAD/CAM design and simulation. Using the mould, our machines enable us to produce our fully rubber or rubber-to-metal products following the exact dimensions and specifications required.
We then inspect each product, and perform the necessary quality testing before the products are delivered to our clients.

With over 40 years of experience and on our track record of manufacturing rubber and rubber-to-metal products, we ensure that our clients get the highest quality of diversified rubber moulded products.

Metal Treatment

As part of the rubber-to-metal manufacturing process, we are also treat the metal parts that are procured in-house to meet the desired quality, safety and bonding requirements of our customers before it is durably bonded to our rubber compound.
With our fully in-house processes and capabilities, we enable our clients reduce cost and, eliminate the additional hassle of involving a third party for treatment before bonding.

Because most of our products are subject to harsh environments within the automotive, railway and industrial sectors, achieving a secure bond through a dependable rubber-to-metal bonding is crucial. Our holistic processes thus allow us to pay due attention to this highly important step before the metal is bonded to the rubber in the moulding process to increase the durability and longevity of each component produced.

Polyurethane (Closed Cell) Moulding

With the ability to better withstand impact, shock and vibration in automotive and industrial applications, the rise of demand for polyurethanes (“PU”) have led Kumpulan Jebco to develop its own innovation and manufacturing processes to work with this material. As a versatile elastomer, polyurethanes provide us with newer options to be manipulated in a number of innovative ways, allowing it to overcome the limitations of rubber products.

Diverging from our expertise and capabilities in rubber moulding and production, our engineers and machines can now produce highly innovative processes involving polyurethanes in the development of our customers’ products.

Press Blow (Thermoplastic Elastomer)

In line with our mission to consistently increase value to our customers, we have upgraded our facilities and upskilled our engineers to also work with thermoplastic elastomers (“TPE”). As a material, the thermoplastic elastomer is lighter and recyclable. Each component can be produced in less than a minute, promising efficiency and reducing the cost of production.
However, the quality of thermoplastic elastomer products can only be assured with an accurate blow moulding process, which is where we excel with our technical know-how.

Our world-class facilities and automated processes allow us to produce these high quality thermoplastic elastomer products with speed and precision. With our machines and capabilities, we are able to deliver these highly demanded thermoplastic elastomer products in a timely manner to our clients.


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