Our People

As a company, Kumpulan Jebco aspires to provide the highest standards of employment to its employees.

We are committed to retaining our best talent, embrace diversity and creativity in meeting the challenges of the globalised economy. It is the individuals in Kumpulan Jebco who drive the innovation, offer customised solutions, and deliver the best quality that has brought us to where we are today.

Training & Aspirations

We encourage personnel to discover their passions and aspirations. Through on-the-job training and by sending employees for trade, tertiary and personal development courses, we provide each and every employee the opportunity to grow professionally. Our career advancement plans are regularly assessed for all staff and are adjusted according to their current needs and abilities.

Performance and Challenges

We provide every employee the opportunity to take on increasingly higher levels of responsibility and challenging work performance standards. This is to meet our goal of having a confident, passionate and capable workforce.

Creativeness and Innovation

We envision a work environment that is creative, innovative and resourceful in achieving cutting-edge technological abilities.

Contributions and Value

We value each employee’s contribution without favour or prejudice. As employer and employee, we progress as one in a mutually beneficial relationship.


Kumpulan Jebco recognises and rewards achievements generously, giving our employees a sense of security and fulfilment as their career progresses.