Whether you have hopped into one of Malaysia’s local cars or rode on local commuters or trains, it is likely that you have come across one of Kumpulan Jebco’s products that has silently provided you a smooth experience without your knowledge.


We take great pride in the high calibre of our rubber parts, which have serviced a wide range of customers in the automotive sector. The honours and recognition we have received from reputable companies like Perodua, Toyota, Hicom-Yamaha, KYB-UMW, and Isuzu, to name a few, demonstrate the success of our shock absorbers.

Our talents in the automobile industry have undoubtedly made an impact as one of Malaysia’s top producers of rubber anti-vibration systems and components.


We had a hand in creating the rubber pads for the track structure that trains moves on, so if you’ve ever used the commuter or light rail transit (LRT) in Kuala Lumpur or on Malaysian railroads, you’ve probably enjoyed your experience a little more.

Enjoy a quieter, smoother, and more comfortable comfortable journey knowing that our rubber products are in place to constantly improve your experience.


Heavy machinery in factories as well as large industrial vehicles like lorries and tractors require robust parts and systems to limit noise and vibrations.

Engine isolators, cylindrical mounts, bushings, vibration mounts and many other types of rubber parts are just one of the few types of rubber products we produce that suited to do just that.