Discover Kumpulan Jebco’s involvement in IRICE 2022, the International Rubber Industry Convention and Exhibition

8th Sept, 2022

We’re delighted to share our journey and insights from the International Rubber Industry Convention and Exhibition (IRICE) 2022. Held in an atmosphere of collaboration and shared knowledge, IRICE provided a platform for industry professionals, including Kumpulan Jebco, to come together and explore the exciting future of the rubber industry.

IRICE 2022 was a convergence of thought leaders, experts, and enthusiasts in the rubber industry. Kumpulan Jebco’s participation was marked by meaningful engagement and discussions centered around the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities.

The event’s theme resonated with our commitment to innovation and quality. Through insightful sessions, presentations, and interactions, we uncovered new vistas that drive the industry forward. Exploring solutions that address global challenges while embracing sustainability remained at the forefront of our discussions.

Beyond the knowledge shared, IRICE 2022 fostered connections that transcend geographical boundaries. Networking sessions allowed us to connect with industry peers, forging partnerships that can shape the future of rubber products and solutions.

IRICE 2022 served as a stage for shared visions of a vibrant, sustainable, and innovative rubber industry. With the collective exchange of ideas and expertise, we’re confident that these visions will translate into tangible actions that benefit the industry and society at large.

As we reflect on our experience at IRICE 2022, we’re reminded of the power of collaboration in driving positive change. Kumpulan Jebco remains committed to contributing to the advancement of the rubber industry through ongoing partnerships, innovation, and sustainable practices.

In summary, our participation in IRICE 2022 was not only a chance to gain insights but also an opportunity to contribute to a collective vision of progress and sustainability. As we move forward, we look forward to continuing our journey of growth and collaboration in the rubber industry.