Malaysia should set course for IR 4.0, says veteran industrialist

July 17, 2022

Our founder, Datuk Teh Kian Ann shared his views on Industrial Revolution 4.0 on FreeMalaysiaToday (FMT)

Kumpulan Jebco is already implementing its IR 4.0 strategy, and this would be done in four phases.

The first phase, which has been launched, involves upgrading machinery with the latest highly automated equipment. Workers are being trained to operate the new machines.

“Rather than just pressing buttons, a worker will now be handling different controls. With automation, each worker will be able to handle up to 10 machines compared with only one in the same number of hours,”  he said.

He noted that the government has given a fair amount of support to businesses to aim for IR 4.0.

However, he said, more can be done. “Entrepreneurs should not just depend on government support. We should have the initiative to improve ourselves.

“My dream for Jebco is to ultimately see the business run by modern machinery, like they do in advanced countries. This will help us improve productivity and revenue,” he said.


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