Rubber Products

Leading the Way in Anti-Vibration Rubber Products

With over 40 years of experience as a pioneer producer of rubber products in Malaysia, our capabilities in producing anti-vibration rubber products have received numerous prominent awards and industry recognition both locally and overseas.

We specialize in the production of high-quality rubber products. Our offerings include automotive rubber components, railway train suspensions and tracks parts, such as rail pads, rubber springs, bearings, and flexible mountings. We take pride in our ability to control noise, shock, and vibration.

The products we produce include:

  • Gaskets
  • Seals
  • Rubber bushes
  • Exhaust hangers
  • Strut bar cushion rubber
  • Mounting rubber
  • Rubber bump stop
  • Rubber speed hump
  • Steering shield column
  • Rubber moulded products in general

Other Products