Thermoplastic Products

Amidst environmental and economic concerns to lower fuel consumption, lightweight materials such as thermoplastic elastomers have enjoyed increasing popularity in the automotive industry.

As such, Kumpulan Jebco has invested in procuring the technology and upskilling our talents to produce these lightweight and durable products. Our unique technical know-how and production systems make us a highly competitive manufacturer of thermoplastic elastomer products. To date, we are also the only manufacturer of TPE bellows and boot products in Malaysia.

Our capabilities in thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) include:

  • Tooling (or mould) fabrication
  • TPE material design and evaluation
  • Testing of TPE mechanical properties using finite-element analysis software
  • Actual moulding of the TPE components using state-of-the-art injection blow moulding machines.

Other Products