Whether you have hopped into one of Malaysia’s local cars or rode on local commuters or trains, it is likely that you have come across one of Kumpulan Jebco’s products that has silently provided you a smooth experience without your knowledge.


We are proud of the quality of our components that have served numerous clients within the automotive industry. The track record for our shock absorbers in particular is proven by the awards and accolades we have been granted by reputable names within the automotive industry, including Perodua, Toyota, Hicom-Yamaha, KYB-UMW and Isuzu to name a few. As one of Malaysia’s leading manufacturers in anti-vibration systems and components, our capabilities in the automotive industry have made its mark.


If you have ever taken the commuter or light rail transit (LRT) in Kuala Lumpur or in railways around Malaysia, you will have enjoyed your experience a little better thanks to our footprint in developing the rubber pads for the track structure that the train travels on. Enjoy the experience of a quieter, less shaky and more comfortable journey thanks to our products that help transform your experience for the better.


Within the industrial sector, we produce durable components and systems to control noise and vibration, whether for heavy machinery in plants and factories, or for heavy vehicles like lorries and tractors. Our products include engine isolators, cylindrical mounts, bushings, vibration mounts and other components for vehicles and heavy machinery of all types.